New “Nuggets” of Dante’s Hell




New sixteen “Nuggets” of Dante’s Hell.

A brief description of Hell.

Dante and Virgil encountered with historical and mythological figures, interpreted as a symbol of a particular capital crime.


Dante lost the right way in a forest (symbol for sin), but he met with Virgil, the great Roman poet, thanks to whom the Florentine poet will show the punishments of Hell.


Dante doubted he would be able to succeed. However, he was comforted by Virgil, took courage, and followed him as a master.


The two poets came to the gate of Hell, and they read the terrible words that are written on it. Then they entered Hell, in the place where sluggards, who were indifferent both to evil and good, were punished. Dante and Virgil arrived at the Acheron river, where they found Charon, who took the souls over to the opposite shore. Dante and Virgil descended into Limbo, the first circle of Hell, where they found the souls who lived honestly, and not suffered for corporal punishments. In the second circle of Hell, Dante and Virgil look at Minos, the Judge of Hell. Minos admonished them to be cautious how they entered this circle. Here they found the carnal sinners, and among them they met with Francesca of Rimini. Later Dante fainted.


When Dante woke, the two poets were in the third circle, where the gluttonous were punished under an incessant and dense storm of hall. Dante and Virgil met with Cerberus and Dante spoke with Ciacco, a well-known Florentine gluttonous man, and then they entered the fourth circle, where the skinflints and the spendthrifts were punished.

The two poets went down to the fifth circle, where they found the Stygian lake where the irascible men were tormented in the Stygian lake. The two poets compassed round the lake, and finally found an massive tower.


Dante and Virgil were conveyed on the other side by Phlegyas, the ferryman of the lake. They met with Filippo Argenti, a raving lunatic man whose fury was described. Finally, the two poets arrived at the city of Dis, but many demons refused entrance to city.


However, Dante and Virgil by the help of an angel, entered the place where the heretics were tormented in tombs burning with fire. Dante spoke with Farinata degli Uberti, who prophesied the poet’s exile from Florence.

CANTO XI. Dante and Virgil entered the seventh circle, where they found the tomb of Pope Anastasius, called the heretic, who was Pope from 496 to 498 and believed in the heresy of Euthices. Finally, they went towards the seventh circle.


Descending into the seventh circle, Dante and Virgil met the violent’s souls, who were under the guard of the Minotaur, whose rage was calmed by Virgil. Then they see a river of blood, in which were punished the violent deaths against their neighbors. The Centaurs battered whom appeared from the blood. The two poets mounted one of the centaurs and they overcame the river of blood, while Dante was informed by the same centaur about the souls that were punished there.


Dante and Virgil went in the seventh circle, which enclosed who have done violence on their own lives and those who have viciously consumed their goods. The poets met Pier delle Vigne who said them the reason of his suicide, and also in what way his soul was transformed into a trunk.


Dante and Virgil arrived at a sandy soil, where were punished those who have done violence against Nature, Art and God. Among the violent souls against God, Dante and Virgil met Capaneus, who committed blasphemy against Jupiter. Next, they traversed the sandy place. Here Virgil carefully explained to Dante the enigma of the old statue of Mount Ida in Crete, from which the rivers of Hell run.

They met a group of souls that come along the sand by the side of the pier. These are they wlio liave done violence to Nature ; and amongst them Dante distinguishes Brunetto Latini, who had been formerly his master ; with whom, turning a little backward, he holds a discourse which occupies the remainder of this canto 77

Crossing the sand, the two poets were into the eighth circle, where they met the spirits of some men , who recognize Dante as a compatriot. They asked him to stop., and Dante spoke with them. Then, the two poets reached a place where the water descended in the seventh circle. and here Dante and Virgil saw a monstrous figure, that is the monster Geryon.

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